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Two Smiles for a Child, LLC. offers services, such as: Storytelling for special events, educational workshops for students and teachers, writing tutoring for students in grades K-12, and first/second year college students.



View events and videos from the 2010 World Festival of Culture and Art (FESMAN) in Senegal West Africa.  Events Videos  More Videos





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            Two Smiles for a Child Salutes Charles Ananda Barrow

    2013, Masters of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, Honors

    (Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA.)

    2014, Probation Office

    (City of West Chester; PA.)

    French Available

           Welcome to  Two Smiles for a Child, LLC 

    Telephone Number in Senegal West Africa : 011-221-76-466-0584 

    Email: 2014@twosmilesforachild.com


    Before visiting the webpage about Two Smiles for a Child, LLC (Two Smiles), take a moment to browse below the most recent promotions and announcements about Two Smiles products and services. This entire website is packed with information reflective of our company's interests, successes, services, products, and goodwill. We invite you to:

    • engage us in networking with your non-profit organization or business
    • hire us to give presentations about African American History to your school, church, or library
    • collaborate with Two Smiles in developing programs to engage individuals and communities of learners in storytelling and writing
    • commission us to conduct market research, write and/or edit papers, proposals, dissertations
    • avail yourself of the information provided by Two Smiles about the Affordable Care Act,
    • learn (from our special website informing the public) about programs and initiatives the Barack Obama administration launched that are helping the American people
    • be inspired by poetry and essays
    • be uplifted by spiritual devotion
    • purchase a item from Two Smiles Gift Shop
    • or make a small donation to support our efforts
    • help Two Smiles to launch a program to provide food and shelter to children in West Africa
    • schedule a storytelling session for your celebrations, holidays, special family events
    • learn about the important role models who have supported our development
    • tell us about who has been a role model to you
    • enjoy music from the African continent
    • revisit the historic African Festival in 2010 (FESMAN in Senegal West Africa)
    • much more....
    Important Online Links to Answer Your QuestionsAffordable Health Care Act: Regarding Affordable Health Care Services in U. S. CLICK BELOW

    Affordable Health Care Act - Pennsylvania

    Affordable Health Care Act - Virginia

    Affordable Health Care Act - Florida


    one stop website about the accomplishments of the Obama Administration: WHOA2012.COM 

    Schedule a Presentation: Schools, Library, Church, Celebration, Etc.

    Flyer My Ancestors Were Never Slaves005.jpg

    My Ancestors Were Never Slaves. Dr. Diaw takes the audience on a metaphorical journey that starts on the African continent, follows African experience across the Atlantic Ocean (Middle Passage), documents African American contributions to the development of the United States, and celebrates famous and ordinary Black folks. Dr. Diaw is an educator and professional storyteller, and has performed at The Museum of the City of New York, The Jersey City Museum, The Newark Museum, The University of Pennsylvania Museum, numerous libraries, galleries, private and public schools in the United States, Caribbean, and West Africa. Internationally known as ABIWA the storyteller, Diaw studied storytelling professionally at Bank Street Graduate College of Education, received a BS in Speech at Howard University, and MS in Urban Economic Development at Eastern University; earning a doctorate degree at Saint Joseph’s University, she conducted educational research investigating the motivational influence of storytelling on learning in the K-12 school environment.         

    More information: 2014@twosmilesforachild.com

    AFRICA: 011 221 76 466 0584

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    Non Profit Coming Soon: Two Smiles for a Child Global         Empowering Children as Agents of Change


    Writing Workshop Presented in Dakar Senegal, 2002 


    Empowered children are protected, respected, and cherished

    Empowered children develop character, gifts, and talents

    Empowered children feel valued as human beings

    Empowered children uphold the ancient African tradition:

    Because we are, I am







    Thousands of boys, age 5 to 16 years old, walk the streets of Dakar Senegal, West Africa, soliciting charity day and night. Two Smiles for a Child Global sets a goal  to incorporate as a non-profit organization, and provide temporary shelter, food, and clothing for these children.


    Click Here for more information about our plans for Two Smiles for a Child Global.  If you desire to make a difference in the lives of children living in Senegal West Africa, Click here to donate

    Promotional Flyers for College Workshop Available

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    More Information: 2014@twosmilesforachild.com   

     AFRICA: 011-221-78-0584

    Latest Release!                                                                                                 Recipe: Thirty-Two Poems about Life by Patricia William Diaw


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